Drinking Youth and Beauty

The focus on new healthy living today revolves not only around anti-sedentary lifestyle but on a new standard of nutritional gain from eating and taking manufactured products containing a complete slate of nutrients. Each fad has its own mass production in the global market. Say resveratrol can aid weight loss and defy aging, and you will get bottles and packets teeming in the market. The news will say wheatgrass is the new wonder plant and you will get tons of boxes on shelves. Even green tea now does not require water for you to avail its health benefits and aroma. With all the mechanically produced products in the market, it always leads you farther to go back to nature - go back to natural.

As Lipton leads the world in tea revolution and in observing a healthier lifestyle, it gives loyal consumers more options in finding the right product for them. Tea is now akin to Lipton, the brand that has built the trust of the public for almost a century. The younger generation may not be in all praises when it comes to tea, but that does not stop it from being the most-favored drink all over the world, right on top of coffee and soda. Kudos to the Chinese for passing down the cultivation of Camellia sinensis, the source plant, for the modern world to enjoy a nutritious yet fine tasting beverage.

Lipton white tea is one of the rosters of trusted health drink that you can easily buy from almost any store. Contrary to its image, drinking tea will not make you look old (or make you act like your grandmother). As a matter of fact, it can make you feel and look younger both inside and outside. As it is very rich in amino acids and antioxidants, needed to fight cell damage that can lead to fast aging and health problems such as cancer and other denegerative diseases, drinking a cup of it everyday will certainly give you the benefits that every health buff and beauty enthusiast will die for.

In case your tongue is not amiable to the tea taste, then there is still hope for you. Lipton white tea gives you the choice to buy a plain white tea or the one with milk to add colors to your palate. Drinking a creamy cup each morning is certainly the best gift you can give to your self.

It is already scientifically proven that drinking it is healthier than its close relatives. More than the nutritional value and antioxidant content of green tea and black tea, white tea far surpasses them all. It also has a higher level of antiviral and antibacterial properties which can help you fight infections. You are probably aware by now that teas generally have higher caffeine content that can be bad when taken in excess. But fret not as white tea has the lower amount of caffeine among all Camellia sinensis derivatives.

Lipton white tea retains most components of the leaves on harvest time as it comes from the younger buds of the tea plant. Unlike its cousins, fermentation is avoided to stop losing chemicals in the process.
Instead of feeding your body too much sugar, why not go the healthy way? Try a cup of white tea now and prove to your self that there is always a better option in life.

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