New Lifebook Fujitsu T580 Tablet Comes Stateside

If you’re looking for a cheap and reliable tablet with which to compete with all your friends who have iPads, don’t look at this Fujitsu Lifebook T580 as an option.  Unlike many of the mass produced tablets that are hitting the market tryingto capitalize on the fame Apple has brought to the market, the Fujitsu Lifebook is a serious workhorse.  How serious?  How about $1,149 worth of serious?

Inside this little device sports a Core-i3-380UM processor (though there is also a Core-I5-560UM model for $250 more).  Sharing that interior space is 2GB of RAM and a 160GB hard drive that doesn’t seem all that big unless you compare it to the competition’s offerings.

It also has a long-lasting 5,800mAh six-cell rechargeable powerhouse that keeps the colorful screen going at full brightness for hours.  And that screen, well it’s a capacitive model with an N-trig digitizer which means you can use a stylus (provided) or your own built-in one (it’s called a finger). 

This tablet is not for the faint of heart and was definitely designed to do more than play Angry Birds so if you don’t need something that can do serious work, look elsewhere.  However, if you want a small (it’s 10.1 inches and weighs under 3 pounds) netvertible/tablet hybrid that lets you conduct the business of business then this is you r machine.

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