Are Wedding Table Plans Just a Great Big Con ?

Do wedding table plans really make as much difference as some people claim, or is it simply a traditional fad that is promoted as being necessary by those looking to make money from it?
Cynical people would certainly suggest the latter, but those who have been through the process of organising a wedding reception know only too well that wedding table plans make a huge difference. Not only that, but they make a difference at exactly the one time when the Bride and Groom have one or two other things on their mind to have to worry about than where Great Aunt Greta is going to sit and whether Uncle Albert is going to be able to get through to the toilets conveniently enough.

When it comes to the reception, the happy couple have only been married for a matter of minutes. It hardly seems fitting for them to spend the first few minutes of their married life helping to organise the positioning of bottoms on seats.

But surely wedding table plans are unnecessary even so, since most of the guests are perfectly civil, reasonable adults, can't they sort their own seating out? It's hardly as though the happy couple were playing the role of teacher to a rowdy class of bumbling 11 year olds.
Yet in many cases a rowdy bunch of 11 year olds might well be easier to organise than a dignified assembly of your closest friends and family. Why?

Simply because as adults we tend to be very bad about organising our seating arrangements. We tend instinctively to sit with those people we know, yet mathematically this is always going to be impossible to achieve at a wedding reception, simply because of the various fragmented groups. Some people know one group, but not another, and find themselves torn between loyalties.

The slower people tend to find that the best seats are taken, or that they no longer have the chance to sit near those people they know, and have to make a decision as to which bunch of strangers they commit themselves to for the next few hours.

Because of course a wedding may only last half an hour or so, but receptions do often go on for several hours. Wedding table plans help to ensure that for those hours your guests are happy, relaxed, comfortable and enjoying themselves, rather than deeply regretting finding themselves sitting on a table of complete strangers, one of whom seems to have a never ending supply of anecdotes about their various world cruises, and another of whom seems to possess a limitless supply of vulgar jokes.

Wedding table plans give the organisers a chance to oversee the various tables, since often they're the only people who know all of the guests, and have a good understanding of who will be best sitting with whom. Wedding table plans help everyone relax, and enjoy the event, rather than looking for the first opportunity to make a hasty retreat.

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