Self Development : A Way to Success

No matter what status we hold in society, either a student, an executive, an employee or a teacher, we are entitled for improvement, not only for the betterment of our lives, but also for self-fulfillment and self gratification.

Not a single person in this world is perfect and exempted from committing mistakes and flaws in life, but we have the power and capacity to change them for the betterment of our lives and welfare of the people around us.

Some people failed to succeed in life because they refused to accept their flaws, failed to recognize their lack of qualities and skills and hesitate to accept the reality that we are in a competitive world, bound to compete with others to survive.

In order to succeed and perform better in whatever field of endeavor to choose to pursue, we should not only be contented with what skills we have, but we must take measures to develop our personalities. Developing your personality plays a vital role in your success, affecting how you tackle and how you eliminate the obstacles that you encounter.

Before you take action to develop yourself, you must do an inventory of your total personality and assess which areas need improvement and what skills you lack.

Areas of personality which are vital to one’s success:
  • Communication skills – it is important in one’s personality development because through it you can express your thoughts, ideas and opinions. Communication skills that need improvement include effective persuasive writing skills and telephone communication skills.
  • Confidence – if you have confidence, you care confident that you can do what ever you aim for in life. Inferiority complex and inadequacy hinder personal growth, while boost of self-confidence is needed to achieve success and happiness.
  • Optimism – you should have positive outlook always because negative attitude hampers success and self development. As quoted from the video “Law of Attraction,” positive thinking and mind set beget positive energy. It fuels progress and self development.
  • Stress and depression management – stress is one barrier that hinders success, while depression disrupts the flow of progress and personal growth.
  • Coping skills – you should have skills to cope up obstacles and problems experienced. With your coping skills, you can advance and further your quest for personal growth.
  • Self esteem – It is a vital factor in personal growth. Those who have self-esteem learn to have balanced habits and behaviors. With it, you can have clear purpose in life and strength in bouncing back after experiencing failure.
  • Persistence – you must have persistence in life, without it, you easily withdraw and acceded to failure. With persistence, you always bounce back after failure and learn from the mistakes committed.
  • Creativity – with resourcefulness, you an always find an alternative way to solve problems. With creativity, you can find new and alternative options to become successful in whatever undertaking you pursue in life.
  • Curiosity – majority of successful individuals are inquisitive and always asked questions. Their curious and inquisitive behavior allows them to have deeper understanding of the challenges and obstacles they encounter.
  • Emotional intelligence – this skill allows you to act and react to emotions correctly and handle problems with coolness. The higher the emotional intelligence you have, the greater chance that people listens to your ideas and follow your actions.
With these character traits, you can accomplish things and achieve success in life. Some successful individuals use a combination of these skills to pursue their goals.

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