The Benefits of Fresh Juice

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The biggest benefit of juicing is the ability to take in more vegetables than we could if we ate raw or cooked whole vegetables. It's like condensing the fruit or vegetable and only eating the good bits. This is not strictly true because we are throwing away the fibre and protein from the plant. Another benefit is the masking of unpleasant vegetables in amongst the pleasant ones. If you do not like a particular vegetable you can mask the taste by adding in vegetables or fruits that you do like. You can also spice them up a bit by adding a touch of ginger. Not too much. Ginger has many great health properties No cooking or heat is used which would destroy certain nutrients.

Because no heat is used in the process all the micro-nutrients are preserved, resulting in a more beneficial drink than eating the cooked ingredients. Ease of absorption of the vitamins and minerals. The process of juicing breaks down the cell walls of the ingredients make the vitamins and minerals available to be absorbed without an further processing by the various digestive enzymes of the body.

This means that they are absorbed a lot quicker and easier, with a greater amount per helping being absorbed. Fruit and vegetables that are nearing the end of their shelf life can be used to juice, reducing the wastage of food. As the food gets older from sitting in the fridge or the shelf too long, so the food looks a little less appetising, it may be bruised as well. The overall goodness of the food is still fine it just no longer looks to great. The juicing process removes those visual, aesthetic problems and allows us to not waste food. It is not possible to eat all the different fruits and vegetables that is recommended for our daily diet.

Our stomachs are just not big enough. Juicing allows us to concentrate our fruit and vegetable intake by removing the fibre which would otherwise give us the feeling of being full. By mixing the various ingredients we increases our variety of fruits and vegetables we eat. It is best to use organic vegetables where ever possible. I personally prefer to use organic products from a reputable source. I do not care about certain TV Doctor personalities who, I believe are being sponsored to promote or denigrate certain topics or points of view. Less chemicals can only be better for you. I am also very wary of genetically modified foods as well. Drink immediately. Because juicing is so time consuming we are tempted to juice in bulk and store some juice for later. This unfortunately is a very bad idea. The juice oxides very quickly as all the nutrients are 'open' to the environment, they are no longer protected by the fibre of the plant. The damaged plant cells release enzymes which also cause the juice to ferment a lot faster.

If you wish to store the juice you need to vacuum pack it somehow. The removal of all the air will delay the process and the juice will last a little longer. Store it in the fridge immediately. Clean the juicer thoroughly. This is essential. Because the graters are so fine it is easy to not clean them thoroughly. This will lead to mould and other unpleasant microbes colonising your 'healthy' juicer and turning it into a haven for disease.

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